Variable Frequency Motor

A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China

A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Variable frequency motor


YVP2 series variable frequency motor basic parameter:
1.  0.75~2000kW
2.  220, 380, 400, 440, 460, 480, 660, 690, 720 V
3.  50Hz / 60Hz
4.  B3, B35, B5, V1
5.  80~630 frame

Standard Features:
Variable frequency motor is designed for the energy saving and other special requirement, and conform with the relevant GB/T 21209-2007 and IEC standard,  which is totally enclosed and fan-cooled type.
It can adjust the speed in wide range. They are: stepless speed regulation of 5(3) ~100Hz, constant torque regulation of 5(3) ~50Hz.
With strong overload capability, this can reach 160% of the rated torque in 1 minute.
With good performance at low speed that torque is smooth and no crawling circumstance exists.
With many advantage of high efficiency, long working life, energy saving, high starting torque, low noise, small vibration, big breakaway torque, reliable performance, convenient  maintenance.
Be widely used in many fields, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, transport machinery, mixer, agriculture machinery, food machines, agitator, air compressor etc. We also can supply aluminum housing type for 132 frame size and below.

Service Conditions
Voltage Wave: ±5%
Frequency Wave: ±2%
Ambient Temperature: -15~40°C
Altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l
Humidity: ≦90%
Protection Class: IP44, IP54, IP55
Insulation Class: F, H
Temp. Rising: 80K (B class), 105K (F class)
Cooling Method: IC416 (Forced cooling by independent axial fan), IC616
Working Duty: S1 (Continuous), S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, and S9

variable frequency motor



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