variable frequency adjustable speed motor

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A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


YVF2 Series Variable Frequency Adjustable Speed Motor

  • Product Item:Variable Frequency Motor-02
  • Category: Variable Frequency Drive Motor
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  • 0.55~630KW
  • 80V, 400V, 440V, 660V
  • 50HZ, 60HZ
  • B3, B5, B35, V1

YVF2 series variable frequency adjustable speed motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor designed by our company for energy conservation and special requirements,it conform with the relevant GB/T 21209-2007 and IEC standard, which is totally enclosed and fan-cooled type. It driven by variable frequency inverters.
YVF2 series three phase asynchronous motor are suitable for various operation systems by which speed-regulation is needed, so they have wide applications in many industries, such as pump, air compressors, air blower, metallurgy etc.

Variable frequency adjustable speed motor features:
1. High efficiency energy-saving motor
2. It can adjust the speed in wide range. They are stepless speed regulation of 5(3) ~100Hz, constant torque regulation of 5(3) ~50Hz.
3. With strong overload capability, this can reach 160% of the rated torque in 1 minute.
4. Excellent low-speed characteristics, It runs smoothly at low speed and no crawling circumstance exists.

Item Type: Variable Frequency Drive Motor
Frame Size: 80-400MM
Power:  0.55KW ~ 630KW (0.75HP ~ 860HP)
Ambient Temperature: -15°C~40°C
Altitude: Less than 1000m
Voltage: 380V, 400V, 440V, 660V
Rated Frequency:  50Hz, 60Hz
Protection Class: IP54, IP55
Insulation Class:  B, F, H
Temp. Rising: 80K (B class), 105K (F class)
Cooling Method: IC416 (Forced cooling by independent axial fan)
Duty/Rating: S1 (Continuous)
Mounting: IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, IMV1
Frame Material: Cast iron, Aluminum

Technical Data:

variable frequency adjustable speed motor


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