ZDY/ZLY/ZSY/ZFY Cylindrical Gearbox

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A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


ZDY/ZLY/ZSY/ZFY Cylindrical Gearbox

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  • Power: 1.1~ -6,666 kW
  • Torque: Up to 84,765 N.m
  • Ratio: 1.25~500
  • Mounting: Flange, Foot

ZDY, ZLY, ZSY ZFY Series Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Center Height: 80~710 mm

Rated Power: 1.1~ -6,666 kW

Rated Torque: Up to 84,765 N.m

Rated Ratio: 1.25~500

Input Speed: 1500,1000,750 r/min

Gear Arrangement: Cylindrical Helical Gears

Shafts Position: Parallel Shaft

Mounting Methods: Flange, Foot Mounted



Cast Iron

Fabricated Welded Steel

Gear Set: Hardened Helical Gear Pairs, Carburizing, Quenching, Grinding

Gear Hardness: HRC54-62


ZDY/ZLY/ZSY/ZFY Cylindrical Gearbox Models:

ZDY Series, ZDY80~560

ZLY Series, ZLY112~710

ZSY Series, ZSY160~710

ZFY Series, ZFY180~710


Cylindrical Gearbox Parameters: 

Cylindrical Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer Models


ZDY (1 Stage)

ZDY80, ZDY100, ZDY125, ZDY160, ZDY200, ZDY250, ZDY280, ZDY315, ZDY355, ZDY400, ZDY450, ZDY500, ZDY560


ZLY (2 Stage)

ZLY112, ZLY125, ZLY140, ZLY160, ZLY180, ZLY200, ZLY224, ZLY250, ZLY280, ZLY315, ZLY355, ZLY400, ZLY450, ZLY500, ZLY560, ZLY630, ZLY710


ZSY (3 Stage)

ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450, ZSY500, ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710


ZFY (4 Stage)

ZFY180, ZFY200, ZFY225, ZFY250, ZFY280, ZFY320, ZFY360, ZFY400, ZFY450, ZFY500, ZFY560, ZFY630, ZFY710



Input Design:

Single Keyway Solid Shaft Input

Double Keyway Solid Shaft Input


Output Design:

Single Keyway Solid Shaft Output

Double Keyway Solid Shaft Output


Optional Spare Parts:


Forced Lubrication Oil Pump

Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils


Suitable Drive Motors:

General Motors of 1 Phase or 3 Phase AC

Brake Motors

Variable Frequency Variable Speed Motors

Variable-pole Multi-speed Motors

Explosion-proof Motors

Permanent Magnet Motors

DC Motors

Servo Motors

Brushless Motors

Other Motors

Available Mounting Methods

Horizontal Mounted

Vertical Mounted


ZDY/ZLY/ZSY/ZFY Cylindrical Gearbox Features:

Compact structure, modular design

High quality alloy steel helical gears, carburizing, quenching, grinding, large load capacity

Optimized design, interchangeable spare parts

Light weight, rustproof, low noise, high precision

Variable reduction ratio allowed

Variable driving power allowed

Variable mounting method allowed

High transmission efficiency, high performance, high safety factor, energy-saving, small vibration, big torque and long working life

Clockwise, counterclockwise or bidirectional rotation

Optional backstop and lengthening output shafts


Service Conditions:

Ambient Temperature: -25~40°C

Altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l

Working Duty: S1(Continuous)

Humidity: 90%

Cooling Method

Natural Cooling

Auxiliary Cooling Devices (Cooling Fan, Cooling Coils)


Oil Dip and Splash Lubrication

Forced Lubrication

(The lubrication should be heated above 0°C, if temperature of machine is below 0°C when it start working)


ZDY/ZLY/ZSY Cylindrical Gearbox Application:

Waste water treatment, Dredgers, Metal working mills, Conveyors, Cranes, Mixer, Crusher, Cooling towers, Paper machine, Cableways, Cement industry, Petroleum industry, Textile machinery, Food machine, Power machine, Construction machine, Metallurgy machine, Cement machine, Water conservancy machine, Chemical machine, Mining machine, Transportation machine, Rubber machine, Petroleum machine, Other machines and industries.

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