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Application of water-based paint on 3 phase induction motor

Insulating varnish is an important insulating material in the production process of 3 Phase Induction Motor. It not only involves the production process of the ac electric motor, but also the upstream material of the motor product. Whether it is for the environmental protection itself or for the occupational health and safety of the operator, the safety of the insulating varnish. And environmental improvement has become an inevitable irreversible trend.

At present, the traditional solvent-based insulating varnish used by China 3 phase induction motor manufacturers contains a large amount of flammable, explosive and toxic solvents such as benzenes and ketone esters. After construction, a large amount of harmful substances are volatilized, which threatens human health and pollutes the environment. Therefore, it will gradually be replaced by water-based insulating varnish. However, for the users of insulating varnish, there are some blind spots for understanding the water-based paint and the process requirements of the later use process, which requires a deeper understanding and running-in. Langrui ac Electric Motor Manufacturers and everyone to carry out a simple exchange of water-based insulating paint process notes.
3 phase induction motor
Unbaked water-soluble insulating varnish may cause leakage or even burning, so it must be completely dried to achieve insulation.
1. The viscosity of the paint must meet the requirements, AC electric motors of different sizes and models have different viscosity requirements for the paint, and specific process parameters need to be verified through verification.
2. The outlet of the kiln should be smooth, to ensure that the water vapor can be discharged in time, so that the paint film is fully dried and solidified.
3. The drying temperature should be above 120 °C. The larger the three phase induction motor is, the more complicated the structure is, and the longer the drying time is.
4. When the drying time is too long or the temperature is too high, the insulating sleeve may turn yellow or even black. A suitable insulating hose should be selected to prevent this problem.
5. Check the withstand voltage and insulation resistance after exiting the kiln to check if it is dry.
6. water-soluble insulating varnish can not be mixed with other types of insulating varnish, otherwise it may become milky white or even deposition.
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