A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China

A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Slip Ring Induction Motor Application

slip ring induction motor provide high starting torque. Therefore, this motor is the use of elevators, Pumps, Mills factories and other application requiring high starting torque. Generally speaking, Compared with DC electric motor, 3 Phase Induction Motors were lowering lowerung starting torque, but this shortcoming can be overcome by slip ring induction motor.

Slip ring are also used in applications where loading requires good speeded control. With the applications of slide rang in an 3 phase induction motor, the speeds of inductions motoringing can be easily controlled by increasing the external resistance of the rotor. Slip ringed intelligent motored has the advantages of high starting torque, lows starting current and high power factor.

slip ring induction motor

Slip ringed typing I.M induction motor can be used in various forms of adjustable speed drive. Some speed driver needing to be changed, their changed their speeded with several time intervals, so this typed of motored can help the application. But nowadays, the speeded control of slip ring induction motor is mainly replaced by induction motored driven by frequency conversion.

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