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A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


Explosion proof motor stator, rotor processing program

explosion proof motor stator, rotor processing program are as follows:
一, Explosion proof motor stator

explosion proof motor stator
1. Winding stator core pressed according to <<three phase asynchronous motor press-loading process code>>. Ensure that the positioning length, pay attention to the direction of press-fitting, protection of the lead-out line does not appear damaged.
2. Tighten the screws (hanging hole) and the location of the cleats must be staggered. Tighten the screw holes, and clean up. Fixed set screw, coated with 603 sealant.
3. Pressing process, pay attention to protect the explosion-proof surface is not bump, scratch.
二, Explosion proof motor rotor

explosion proof electric motor rotor
1. Shaft processing can be three phase asynchronous motor Y2 shaft process for processing. After the shaft is finished, rust proof grease is applied to the anti-rust grease 204-1, bearing file and shaft extension gear. And the bearing files, bearing inner cover files and bearing files with sheep blankets wrapped protection, so as not to cause bumps or scratches in the subsequent processing.
2. Bearing shaft cover file for the explosion-proof surface, the need for grinding, roughness requirements 0.8um.
3. Cast aluminum rotor according to <<three phase asynchronous motor pressure die casting process>>, <<three-phase asynchronous motor centrifugal casting aluminum process code>>. Design related new die-casting tooling.
4. Spindle hot-cast aluminum rotor, to ensure positioning size. Seizure protection of the shaft extension file, explosion-proof surface and bearing files.
5. Fine car rotor to the drawings required size. Rotor outer and non-mating surfaces coated with anti-rust paint.
6. According to <<three phase asynchronous motor balancing process code>> for dynamic balance, strictly prohibited with the file cover (flameproof surface) as a dynamic balance of support points.

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