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A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


YZP series frequency conversion crane motor

YZP series frequency conversion crane motor (hereinafter referred to as electric motor) is a combination of the characteristics of three phase asynchronous motor for crane and metallurgy and the advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation. It has large overload capacity and high mechanical strength. The speed control range is wide and the operation is stable. The basic technical conditions are in accordance with the IEC34-1 international standard and the GB755 national standard. The performance indexes of the motor are equivalent to those of the foreign countries in the 1990s. Can be used in various types of crane and metallurgical machinery or other similar equipment, and often start, brake, reverse.
crane motor
The crane motor can operate normally under the following conditions.
1.1 Ambient temperature does not exceed 40 ° C (usual environment), 60 ° C (for metallurgical environment).
1.2 Relative temperature ≤ 90%.
1.3 The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
1.4 Frequent start, brake (electrical or mechanical) and reverse.
2. The rated voltage of the crane motor is 380V, the rated frequency is 50Hz, and the speed can be continuously adjusted within the range of 3-100Hz. The rated voltage, rated frequency, and frequency modulation requirements below 3Hz can also be determined according to user requirements.
3. The crane motor reference system is S3-40%.

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