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The reason and treatment of the abnormal noise of the rolling bearing of three phase induction motor

Three phase induction motor rolling bearings are precision mechanical components that change sliding friction between running shafts and shafts into rolling friction, thus reducing friction losses.In the working process of three-phase induction motor, if abnormal sound of rolling bearing is heard, it shall immediately stop the motor to check and analyze the cause and carry out processing.
Reasons for abnormal noise of rolling bearing of 3 Phase Induction Motor and treatment methods:
1. Clear rolling and vibration sound of the rolling body can be heard, indicating that the bearing clearance is too large or seriously worn and needs to be replaced.

2. The rolling body sounds hoarse and heavy, indicating that the bearing grease is too dirty and contains impurities. Kerosene is needed to clean the bearing and replace with new lubricating oil.

three phase induction motor

3. The rolling body has irregular impact sound, indicating that the bearing of  three phase induction motor has individual rolling body rupture, which needs to be replaced.
4. Similar whistle sound, mixed with rolling sound of rolling body, which indicates that the bearing lacks lubricating oil or choice of lubricating oil is improper, and it needs to add clean oil or replace appropriate lubricating oil.
5. The vibration is caused by aging of the bearing of the three phase induction motor, loose ground, unbalanced rotor, wrong connection shaft, poor coordination, cracked housing, etc.
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