A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China

A professional Electric Motor Manufacturer and Supplier in China


3 phase induction motor has obvious advantages in use copper rotor

Langrui as a professional electric motor manufacturer and exporter, We believe that the 3 Phase Induction Motor rotor with copper has obvious advantages, it is mainly manifested in the following five aspects.
1. Low loss and high efficiency.
The electrical conductivity of copper is about 40% higher than that of aluminum. The copper rotor can reduce the total loss of the motor. thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the three phase induction motor. The smaller the motor power, the more obvious the improvement of efficiency.
2. Low temperature rise and high reliability
At the same time as the loss of the motor is reduced, since the energy converted into heat energy is reduced, the temperature of the rotor and the stator coil is reduced, and the operating temperature is lowered, thereby greatly prolonging the life of the 3 phase induction motor and reducing the maintenance cost. The operating temperature of the motor is reduced by 10 degrees Celsius, the service life can be doubled, and the copper rotor motor can also increase the electrical safety, and is particularly suitable for explosive and special environments.

3 phase induction motor manufacturer rotor
3. Small size, light weight, reduced cost
With the same efficiency, the volume of the copper rotor motor is reduced by about 15% compared with the aluminum rotor motor, which reduces the weight of the motor and reduces the motor cost. It is suitable for the application of the lower base motor.In terms of cost, the same efficiency copper rotor 3 phase induction motor can be reduced by about 10%. When the price of copper rises, the cost advantage will become more apparent.
4. Low vibration and low noise
A lower temperature means that smaller fans or even no fans can be used. This will reduce friction loss and air resistance loss of additional parts, reduce vibration and noise, and further increase the efficiency of the motor.
5. Design flexible
Copper rotor can provide 3 phase induction motor design and manufacture with more space, more flexible design, can the pursuit of high efficiency, in the case of equal efficiency, also can be the pursuit of low cost, small volume, light weight, etc., or for a balance between a few people.

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