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3 phase induction motor bearing maintenance use

Bearings are 3 Phase Induction Motor in the process of running the most vulnerable parts, if the bearing will appear when damaged: noise and vibration enhanced; working temperature increases; supporting equipment accuracy decreased; and even cause the 3 phase induction motor burned. How to maintain the bearings of the motor, Langrui as electric motor manufacturer and supplier suggest to extend the service life, should pay attention to the following factors in the installation and use of three phase induction motor:

3 phase induction motor bearings

1, the installation of coupling
When the three phase induction motor is connected with the auxiliary equipment through the coupling, the axial force generated by the coupling should be avoided to damage the bearing. For the size of the interference fit, it is recommended to use the heat sleeve or the shaft to resist the non-shaft extension End face installation, so as to effectively prevent the bearing by a larger axial force, play a role in protecting the bearings.

2, bearing lubrication
It has been shown that about 36% of the bearing damage is due to poor lubrication of the bearings or improper use of grease. As the bearings are usually the most difficult to load and unload parts of machinery and equipment, there will be problems if not lubricated frequently. Three-phase induction motor (80-355) normal continuous operation for six months, the grease should be replaced once. When it is found that the color of oil darkens, the above water droplets or dust accumulation; grease hardening deterioration or bearing fever (bearing operating temperature should not exceed 95 ℃) and other phenomena should immediately replace the grease. When replacing the grease, remove the original grease and clean the bearing and bearing cap. Then add new grease. The amount of grease added should be 1 / 3--2 / 3 of the bearing room space.

3 phase induction motor

3, pollution
Bearing is a precision part, bearing and grease pollution, will not be able to effectively operate, therefore requires the use of 3 phase induction motor environment must meet the motor protection class requirements (specific requirements, see IEC 60034-5).

 4, fatigue
Bearings are affected if the equipment is overloaded, used, or maintained improperly. Studies show that 34% of the bearings that cause premature failure are due to fatigue. Therefore, the requirements of three-phase induction motor should be run under rated conditions, to avoid overload operation.

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